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We Have A Full Selection Of Boxes & Packaging Supplies.

Product Used For
Small (1.5 cubic ft.) Books, heavy pots, small tools, small appliances
Medium (3.0 cubic ft.) Toys, bathroom items, dry food items, small lamp shades
Large (4.5 cubic ft) Pillows, Comforters, lamp shades, sports equipment
X-Large (6.0 cubic ft) Heavier large items such as figurines, clocks, lamps
Wardrobe (w/ Metal Bar) Hanging clothes, blankets, non-delicate items
Mirror (4 piece) Large mirrors, framed pictures, glass table tops
Dish Packs (5.0 cubic ft.) For dish sets
News Print (Bundles of 20 or 25lb) Packing
$1.40 per pound
Plastic Shrink Wrap Helps to keep your furniture clean while in transit
Mattress Bags Keeps your mattress clean and free from dust and dirt
Paper Wrap For your items and keep your belongings ink free
$35.00 per 25 lb bundle

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